the wallpaper. the chair. the paper basket. musesofdesign:

(via wooden kitchens | the style files)

interesting kitchen design with stone trim and raw timber doors with minimal handles. musesofdesign:

(via TheDesignerPad - The Designer Pad - A PEACEFUL SPACE)

massive rectangular bathtub and sink. snowy view. raw timber sideboard. no visible piping. myidealhome:

mixed floor (via sfgirlbybay / bohemian modern style from a san francisco girl)

the magnificent tree-bark massive timber table. the protruding floor planks of the loft. the fireplace. the staircase. the DIY looking lamps. and most of all the honeycomb floor tiles incorporated with the old timber floor. must i say more!? interesting bed design anastasiartista:
what an awesome stool! [wishlist material]
great set of drawers for organizing artwork/drawings/sketches/photography/… rustic looking hanging chairs to complement a clean scandinavian interior hanging chair - yes or no? DIY deco idea: upcycle old drawers using some wallpaper/artwork/maps to turn them into wall decorations slash shelves.
the hanging chair adds a cozy relaxed feel to the room, but would work better with floral print cushions to match the prints on the wall. Zara hanging pod chair by Cush & Nooks hanging chairs - cool or daggy? a look at stools: Dorothy Schindele Atomic bent iron rod bar stools a look at stools: vintage Scoop a look at stools: Miro’ by Riva 1920